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Let White Dog Studios be your go-to source for a wide range of audio post production services in Metro Atlanta and beyond! Our dedicated team offers offer fast turnaround and the highest quality work, in a comfortable and productive environment.

Our exceptional audio-mixing capabilities reflect our extensive and varied background in audio post production. Whether you’re working on a 30-second radio commercial, a full-length feature film, or an episodic TV series, we’re committed to your project’s success.

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Since 1998, White Dog Studios has supplied audio post-production services to TV producers, documentary film-makers, public television, the Hollywood film industry, and advertising agencies worldwide. We’re comfortable working across the entire spectrum, from entertainment to corporate communications to marketing and advertising.

Let us enhance your creation with expert sound mixing and effects!

Voice recording

Whether you need a narration track, radio and TV voice-overs, or loop groups, we have you covered. For extra convenience, we can connect with your talent remotely through either Source Connect or ipDTL, and you can monitor the session in person, on Skype, or with a phone patch. We can also help you find and audition voice talent.

Sound Mixing

We are Emmy-award winning experts at mixing. We work in many genres and all types of media formats, including 5.1 surround and stereo for theatrical films, TV series, TV and radio commercials, documentaries, and more.

Radio and TV Spots

If you have a vision, but don’t know where to start, we can help. We can produce your radio or TV spot from start to finish, lining up copywriters, talent, and announcers as needed. We’ll handle music and sound effects, and we partner with Guillotine Post and FUGO Studios for video production and editing.


Let us add realism and life to your creative productions! The White Dog team includes a skilled Foley artist who is based in Los Angeles and has an impressive list of film and television credits. We recently handled the Foley effects for season one of the supernatural TV series Superstition.

Sound Design

This is where we really shine! We offer award-winning sound designers, over 100K sound effects on hard drive (instantly accessible through SoundminerÔ), and large collection of SFX through sample and sound libraries, such as Native Instruments. We can also work on location for SFX and ambience recordings.


Need to replace lines of dialogue in your production? We can help you get it right. We have decades of experience with ADR and the right microphones for the job—so we can achieve a seamless match with both your actors’ lines and ambient sound. You can monitor the session remotely through Source Connect, Skype, ipDTL, or a plain old phone patch.


The dynamic team at White Dog Studios brings the perfect blend of skills to your project. We have a strong track record of delivering creative work on time and on budget. Please check out our filmographies on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) as well.






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