Founded in _______ by Curt Bush, an EMMY Award-winning sound engineer, White Dog Studios is a full-service audio post production studio serving clients worldwide from Atlanta, Georgia. We can produce sound for everything from your 15-second radio spot to that full feature film, delivering exceptional sound quality and expression. Our priority is to listen first, then produce the sound you need to bring your material to its maximum effect.

Auto dialog replacement (ADR)

White Dog Studios makes artwork out of automated dialogue replacement, or ADR. We have the experience and technical expertise to record post-production dialogue in our controlled environment and deliver what you want, the way you want it. We can even produce ADR directly on-site with on-location ADR; no one else in Atlanta provides this service. If your talent isn’t in Atlanta, we can also provide remote ADR collaboration using SourceConnect, ISDN, Skype, or phone patch.

Voice-over recording

We understand branding, so we know the unique professional voice actors or celebrity narration that every voice-over recording requires. We have many years of experience casting, directing, recording and editing voice-over talent, from professional comedians and celebrities to the commercial mainstays, whether local or national. Let us integrate this talent into your project for a spot-on production, adding extra touches your job specifies. Join the project in the studio, or by phone patch, Skype, ISDN, or Source Connect.


Sound design

Our extensive experience in sound design is matched by our large inventory of tools and equipment: synthesizers, samplers, plug-ins – and, best of all, enormous SFX and music libraries. We can create the ideal Foley job, synthesize the perfect sound, or simply construct the best single track from a slew of sound layers. We love making what you need and making it sound just right.


Our recording rooms are 5.1 surround-sound equipped and ready for any project, from film, television or radio programming, to your newest online venture. Atlanta ad agencies rely on White Dog Studios regularly to produce their prized creative work, and multi-media projects are safe in our hands thanks to our mixing expertise in a range of audio formats.

Narration / Video sound

Atlanta is a hotbed of audio talent and, as long-time residents of Atlanta, members of the White Dog Studio staff know the best voice talents that the big city has to offer. Whatever your job requires, even foreign-language narration, we have the resources to pull together the ideal talent for narration, and the best talent, music or sound effects for video-sound production. We produce these audio elements with attention to function without overriding your key messaging.

Sound modification

Sometimes what we have isn’t quite what we want. White Dog Studios can modify your sound recordings to add depth or to provide more natural tones. This can help enrich a historic track or sharpen the pitch of a piece. Need to edit dialog, reduce some noise or restore some sound structure that was lost? Call White Dog Studios.